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Posted on May 22 2016

So you've finished your Pro Makeup Course hooray!! Congratulations, you're patiently waiting for the After Care opportunities to pop up on your emails. It's a brand new chapter in your career and you want to make sure you make every step count. 

Is Aftercare a bit overwhelming? Well have no fear - We have made a 'how-to' on handling the Aftercare opportunities.

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How do I get opportunities?

Once you have completed the Pro Makeup Course we send details on the job/project which requires Makeup Artist(s) and will have the subject topic: 'Call Out: Project Name.' This has information such as the date, location, time, model numbers, and sometimes a mood board of the look that is desired. We always send these out by email so make sure you regularly check it! Call Sheets are sent out to see who is available for the job opportunities and once we hear back we arrange a team together. Sometimes we don't receive further info from the organisers till very last minute so please bare with us until till we do. Also we sometimes receive last minute event cancellations and changes, this again is outside our control. 

You must make sure you read ALL the information in the email and in the 'Call Sheet'

How do I respond and volunteer?

Once you have received the 'Call Out' and you have read ALL the information, only reply if you are available. You need to make sure you are 100% confident you can commit to the event and be available for the full time. Last minute cancelations of your position once selected for an aftercare opportunity may affect your eligibility for future call outs.
We all know you are lovely, polite people and would love to let us know if you are unavailable, however, it can overload the emails and makes it harder to filter who is available. We would hate to miss out anyone! Thank you for thinking about us, but if you can't commit to the opportunity then please don't reply. This will not affect future call outs we promise.

I'm available - now what?

When we hear back to see who is available, a team is selected for the project. We always try to be as fair as possible and want everyone to have the benefits of aftercare. If you are not selected for an aftercare opportunity, please do not take it personally! We love you all equally. 

You will always receive an email stating if you are successful or unsuccessful. 

You have been selected (Yay!):

As stated earlier, if you are successful you will receive an email saying you have been chosen to represent The Academy of Makeup for an aftercare opportunity. Included in this email will be PDF attachment called 'Call Sheet' This will contain: Event title, date(s), time, location, organiser, head makeup artist, as well as mood board images if available. 

You must treat every aftercare opportunity professionally. All the information you need is on the Call Sheet and you will need to take initiative to make sure you know where you are going and to get there on time. You will not always have The Academy of Makeup to hold your hand, so you will need to get used to being on your own and being well prepared. This means finding out how to get there by yourself, making sure your kit is well prepared and brushes are spotlessly clean. 

Often the Head Makeup artist (this information is on the Call Sheet) may get in touch to introduce themselves, have a chat about how the day is set up as well as details on kit items you will need. If you have any issues you will need to contact the Head Makeup Artist. 

Then the day will come and you will absolutely smash it! We have every confidence in you. Make sure to be happy, friendly and positive to your fellow makeup artists and believe in yourself! Team work makes the dream work.

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We cannot guarantee a certain amount of aftercare opportunities per student as some months we may have 1-2 a week and others it may be 1-2 a month! It all depends on what is going on in the creative world. We want to help and support you all as much as we can so if after 6 months you haven't had many chances, don't worry. We will continue to support you. Aren't we a lovely bunch?

Aftercare is an amazing chance for you to build up work experience, portfolio work and to try something new. You might want to do Bridal Makeup and focus on that area for your business but that doesn't mean you can't have fun on a runway event. We strongly encourage you to take as many opportunities as you can as you never know where it could take you.

Good luck!




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