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Posted on July 06 2015
















My Make-up Inspirations...

Every make-up artist is on his or her own individual journey, some may flourish before others but so long as you are being brave and doing your own thing then you’ll get there! Aim to inspire and be kind to others who seek your advice. Here are some of my favourite make-up artists you can find on Instagram that inspire me to do well:


What you can find?a killer cut crease/ edgy looks
Why I like her approach as a MUAJamie is honest that it took her time to obtain the skills she has now. Also comes across as a down to earth person, you want her to do your makeup but you also want to be her pal!
What you can find?lots of colour and glitter
Why I like her approach as a MUA Rosalina isn’t afraid to be herself and make silly faces, a fun approach helps people to connect with you.
What you can find?everything, literally, this girl is so talented!
Why I like her approach as a MUANikkie reminds you that the purpose of makeup is to have FUN, do what you think looks cool and love it. That’s all that matters.
After seeing their progression over the years I can only hope that one day I am that awesome! 
Written by Olivia Paterson, The Academy of Make-up Pro Course Graduate
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