Becoming a Make-up Artist

Posted on August 18 2015

After gaining my Honours degree in French and Spanish at the University of Strathclyde and completing a year abroad in Versailles, France, I tried to find jobs related to my degree. After 6 months of searching I sat myself down after New Year 2015 and had a serious think. Did I even really want a job related to my degree anyway or was I just doing what I thought was the right thing?
I quickly realised yes that's exactly what I was doing, and I have never been one to follow the crowd and do as expected. So I started saving every penny I made in my job in retail, took any shift I could get and saved for the Pro Makeup Course at The Academy Of Makeup.
I finally felt a weight lifted off my chest when I made that decision and I'll never look back. I've always been a creative person and the artist in me knew makeup was my real passion.
The minute I walked in to the Academy I knew I had made the best decision. I loved hearing all of the tutors stories and previous experiences - I could've listened to them all day! It felt so good to be surrounded by people who all shared my passion for makeup and creativity. The 11 day Pro Make-up course was so much fun I didn't want it to end! I learned so much and it gave me more confidence in my application skills. 
I have been working as a freelance makeup artist ever since I graduated and it is an absolute joy to be able to say I love my job. I now work in a beauty salon applying makeup at weekends and it's amazing!
I have a very supportive family and group of friends who always encourage me to do what I love and if I come across hurdles they always keep me going. I have already received some great feedback which makes my job even more rewarding!
Written by: Jennifer Fairley 
Twitter:  @muartistrybyjen
YouTube:  muartistrybyjen


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