My Honest Face

Posted on October 06 2015

I went the whole of September without wearing one bit of slap on my face in order to raise money for Cancer Research. Some would say I'm crazy, some didn't think I could do it and some loved the idea. 

Day 1 was full of regret (why did I say I would do this again?) but also a bit of excitement to see how people would react. I had one amazing long lie in bed that morning because I didn't have to carefully apply any make-up, which is a thought in itself.

How much time do you think in your normal week you apply make-up, then reapply, then touch up, then check in the mirror it is still ok? All of that time could be going to much better use like more time to spend with your friends and family or doing something for you! Plus the long lie in's are a total selling point!

By Day 10 the inevitable happened...I grew some very large spots on my face. This was when I could feel my own insecurities coming into play and it did make me feel a bit down because I had 3 spots on my face. I had to question why I felt like this. Everyone gets spots don't they? And more than likely there are people everywhere in the world with more than 3 spots on their face, but, they could cover them up and I couldn't which was the annoying part. I guess having those imperfections on your face makes you feel as though you have failed and you aren't pretty or flawless as every make-up brand brainwashes you to think you should be. 

I even went out for dinner and drinks with friends with no make-up on (crazy lady!). If it wasn't for my amazing other half I would of been super grumpy all day, so I was just grumpy for half of the day.

Everywhere I looked woman/girls were wearing make-up in some form and used it to cover dark circles, spots, uneven eyebrows and dull complexions and there I was bare faced showcasing all of my flaws at once. It was really liberating and I questioned how much make-up I use to put on my face. 

My normal every day look would consist of the following products:

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Eyebrow Pencil
  • Mascara
  • Bronzer
  • Blush
  • Highlighter
  • Lipgloss/Lipstick

That is 9 different products that I used on my face?! After this experience I have realised that I don't need Foundation every day or Bronzer or Primer. However, I always felt the need to put it on my face because make-up companies told me I had to, so they were wrong. 

When it got to the last week I was already planning my make-up looks for the next 5 years, I just couldn't wait to play with different colours, textures, tones and just have fun! This was when the lightbulb switched on. 

Make-up is fun. Make-up is exciting. Make-up is a reflection of you. Make-up is creative. Make-up is playful. 

Wearing no make-up for a whole month brought back my excitement for make-up and why I love it so much. I like to call September my "Honest Face" month. If I was tired, my face expressed that and if I was feeling amazing my face would express that too. 

I encourage EVERYONE to go make-up free even just for a little bit and create more of an "Honest Face". Don't use make-up to hide who you are, use it to EXPRESS who you are! I promise so much happiness will follow...

Written By: Stacey Smith

If you would like to donate to Cancer Research and to Stacey's No Make-up Month then please follow this link -







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