The Law of Attraction

Posted on November 27 2015

Every image created showcasing your make-up work directly represents you as an artist, so insure what you put into the cosmos represents the work and the clients you wish to attract. 

Images on Social media 

Lifestyle images make just as big an impact as close up beauty shots do. They create a connection to you and your future clients by selling the exciting "lifestyle" of the make-up artist as well as creating an approachable and personal connection. 

image credit @lisaeldridgemakeup

Client shots 

We all want to show how busy we are, however, try to be selective with the client images you choose to put out on social media just as you would the photos on your website. I find asking your client to take his/her own selfie helps. If you can get them to face a natural light source i.e window and take a selfie, you may get a better image than you would if you did it for them as they usually feel more comfortable and in control taking it themselves. 

image credit @sarahillmakeup

Tests shots 

Test shots are when photographers, models, stylists, hair stylists and make-up artists work together, giving their time for free to create a photoshoot to add to their portfolios. There are lots of amazing Facebook groups you can join to connect with like minded creatives looking to gain new images. Top tip, try and meet people face to face, or talk over the phone before the shoot takes place. The most enjoyable shoots are with teams you have a good rapport with. 

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happy image taking! Sara x 





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