UK MUA Discount Survival Guide

Posted on February 21 2016

It can be really daunting. You're freshly qualified, raring to go BUT your kit needs some serious TLC! Building your kit can be an expensive task, especially at the beginning and so we need all the help we can get.

There are a lot of makeup brands offering a broad range of discounts in the UK that can really help get you going. There are 3 ways to get makeup artist discounts: free/application online, paid membership and discount on request.

Our very own survival guide will show you which brands offer discounts, how much they discount, what you'll need to apply and get them and hopefully lead you to some discounts you didn't know were out there! 

Happy hunting and let us know of any discounts you uncover!


Brand and discount: Sara Hill: 30% off for MUA
Must have products: Everything to be perfectly honest – however, her foundations, eyeshadows, lipsticks, pigments and glitters are all amazing.
What you need to apply:
  • 1 Documentation of identification
  • 2 docs of evidence of your profession OR Documentation of enrolment if you are a student
Brand and discount: NARS: 25-40% for MUA (tier system for discount)
Must have products: Liquid Illuminators, Blushes + Pencil Eyeliners
What you need to apply:
  • Scan of Drivers License
  • 1-2 documents of proof of profession (different tiers require different documents)
  • Filled in form that NARS provide when applying (link provided below)
You then send the forms to the email: Information + forms found: You will then get an email confirmation with your login details confirming your membership and the discount is taken off automatically from your basket
Brand and discount: Illamasqua: 20-40% off for MUA (tier system for discount)   
Must have products: Sealing Gel (amazing to mix with pigments to create liquid liners), Lipsticks, Primers, Cream Pigments
What you need to apply:
  • 2 documents of proof of profession listed in the link below
They have a very detailed breakdown of their discount system and what you need to get which discount. This information can be found here:  You will get an email confirmation of your account and the prices will be discounted while you are browsing the website (no working out in your head!)
Brand and discount: Charlotte Tilbury 30% discount
Must have products: Foundations, Cream Shadows, Contour/Highlights
What you need to apply:   You will need to fill out the Pro Form and email a photo ID and at least 2 of the following to
  • Composite Card
  • Business card with name, specific Makeup Artist profession and link to professional website
  • Editorial page with name credit
  • Link to professional website
  • Union card
  • Professional valid license
  • Crew Call list on production company letterhead
  • Reference letter from employer
  • Pro cards from MAC, Make‐up forever, Bobbi Brown, Nars
  • One of the following certificates: - City & Guilds
  • Tear Sheets with name accreditation
  • Union card
Brand and discount:   Urban Decay up to 40% off selected items
Must have products: Eyeshadow palettes, setting sprays, primers
What you need to apply: Fill out the form online and provide necessary items.
Brand and discount: OCC 20% off You will need to send an email to  
Must have products: Lip Tar + Lip Pencils
What you need to apply:
  • Link to website/portfolio w/ mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Scan of comp card/tear sheet (with name credit)
  • Diploma/qualification/proof
  • Brand and discount: PAM (website) Up to 35% off
    Must have products: Similar case to lovemakeup
    What you need to apply: You will need to ask for a backstage card from OR They use both emails to reply. They will give you a discount based on what your credentials are so try to be as informative as possible to try and get the best discount.
    Brand and discount: Ellis Faas They keep it hush hush but if you email them you might get lucky and receive up to 30% off  
    Must have products: Foundations
    What you need to apply: Email them with credentials
    Brand and discount: Mac Up to 35% off for £ 25 pound for 1 year £ 40 for 2 years
    Must have products: Lipsticks + lipliners + Pigments + Face and Body foundations
    What you need to apply: You need to fill out a form and send photocopies of as many qualifications and documents as you can send from the list. The more you send over the more likely you will get this discount! The link to the forms is a bit out of whack so if you email - they will send an email with the forms and what documents they accept to send through. If you are unsuccessful they send your documents back – if you are successful you will get an email where they will take your payments details and issue you a card. You can only use this discount online, by phone or in flagship stores in Aberdeen or Coven Gardens in London.
    Brand and discount: Bobbi Brown Up to 25% (tier system discount) for £ 15-25 per year  
    Must have products: Foundations (great range of dark skin tones) + gel liners + book of lipsticks/foundations
    What you need to apply: You need to email with full name and address where they will send the forms out to you.  You will need to provide:
    • 1 documentation of identification
    • Photocopy of certifications
    • 3 of the following:
    1) Business card with specific profession and your name

    2) Editorial page with name credit 3) Contract on production company letterhead 4) Programme or press material with name credit 5) Union car 6) Professional valid license 7) Proof of qualifications

    What you need to apply: As a member of CrownPro, you will receive multiple offers,  
    Brand and discount: Louise Young  
    What you need to apply:   They don’t say how much discount online, But to be considered, email them with a link to your website, copies of recent call sheets and/or magazine credits. We will contact you with a discount code if you are eligible. This code is solely for your own use and must not be shared. 
    Brand and discount: Morphe Brushes 20% pro discount
    What you need to apply:   The cost is $25 for one year ($15 student discount is for 6 months). Before you apply. To be honest their brushes are already pretty cheap. 


    Now I know that’s a lot of information to take in but its okay! You can just take it a step at a time. Personally, when I started out I got Sara Hill and NARS easily as they replied quickly. As I said earlier, some places are a lot stricter and other are relaxed with what qualifies as pro makeup artist. It can even come down to the person who processes your application! If at first, you don’t succeed, don’t be disheartened; it is no reflection of you as an artist or your skill. If you don’t get the membership first time its no loss as none of these cost anything to send out (apart from postage to the few). Stay positive, put yourself out there and get more experience under your belt. What’s great about the academy is that they issue out Call Sheets with their jobs so if you take as many as you can that will help bulk out your applications.

    I hope in the near future more brands will extend their pro memberships outside the USA (yes, I’m talking to you Hourglass, Smash box, Pro FX, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Lime Crime and Urban Decay). We know that Shu Uemura, Pixi and Ingot offer Pro discounts in there freestanding stores we have emailed there UK head offices to see if this is an online option is available to and will keep you posted. It’s always great to sign up to mailing lists for makeup brands as you will get notifications on sales, discounts and new product releases to keep up to date on the makeup world.

    Happy shopping and good luck! <3


    • Stephanie Simpson: December 19, 2017

      hi, unicorn cosmetics do a pro discount to! xxx

    • Macy: May 21, 2017

      Great list of discounts, be sure to sign up to them asap. Mac now offer a free year membership!!

    • James Clark: March 02, 2017

      the make up armoury is now offering discounts on various brands as well:

    • Sobia: December 20, 2016


      I have a babtac accredited qualification from some years ago. I am looking to persue a career in makeup- how likely are they to accept this when applying for a pro card.

      Thank you in advance.

    • Lauren: November 17, 2016

      Thanks for these !! :)
      You should also add to this Primalash ! They offer 60% discount on their lashes if you spend £65 or more, so it takes it down to like £26 so its a really good deal when you bulk buy your lashes !


    • Chan : November 17, 2016

      Thank you for the help, however the writing isn’t clear. It has gone and overlayed over the other written words. Very hard to read please fix this. Thank you

    • Victoria : February 24, 2016

      Thank you soo much fir these!! Never knew half of them offered discounts!

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