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Posted on August 24 2018

Makeup look created by Dafne Martines

What made you want to be a makeup artist? 

Back in 2016, after travelling around the world for a couple of years I went back home and I had a crisis “What am I going to do for a living?” I knew I didn’t want to do the average 9 to 5 job; I wanted to do something that could truly make me happy, something challenging. I was always good with makeup, I was the one in my group of friends always doing everyone’s makeup for a night out! So I started at home just doing crazy looks on myself, watching tutorials, etc. A few months later I knew I had found my passion. I just knew that no matter how long it was going to take me, I wanted to become a professional Makeup Artist. When I do makeup, time flies, and I enjoy myself so much I can’t even call it a job!

Gold and blue makeup look created by Academy of Makeup Graduate Dafne Martines
How do you come up with your new creative makeup design ideas? 

Sometimes I have certain colours on my mind and I start playing with them and just see how it goes. Sometimes an idea comes to my mind before going to bed and I have to write it down so I don’t forget about it! I never ever plan my looks before, I always follow my creative flow. I just sit on my chair and think “ok, let's see what we can do today” Sometimes it goes really well and sometimes it goes horribly! But even if it goes wrong, I learn something from it, so the next time I try it I know what to avoid. I also get lots of inspiration from social media! Instagram is great for that.

Black and gold makeup look created by Academy of Makeup Graduate Dafne Martines
What would be your dream Makeup job? 

I would love to work as a Makeup Artist in a place where every day was different and challenging. For me, it would perfect to be able to work as a makeup artist and travel around the world, that would be a dream.

I love doing all types of makeup, not only creative, because I think enhancing everyone’s beauty is something truly amazing. Doing makeup makes me happy, but if I can make other people happy with my work then that’s even better!

Amazing makeup look created by Academy graduate Dafne Martines

Congratulations on being featured in Allure magazine can you tell us more about how that came about? 

Thank you! I still can’t believe it! I actually came up with the idea of recreating Alexa Meade’s work as soon as I saw Ariana Grande’s music video. I absolutely love using my body as a canvas, so I thought I could give it a try and make my personal recreation of Meade’s work.  I got contacted by Allure’s Magazine, they told me they loved my work and they asked me if they could share it for a highlight.

Amazing creative makeup artistry by Dafne Martines
You were a self-taught artist before coming to the academy what made you want to train with us? 

I was actually researching for months (almost a year). I knew I wanted to go to an academy in the UK because makeup here is a big thing, there are so many artists and I think so many new trends start here! I read lots of experiences from other students, I checked the tutors’ work, and finally, I decided to go for the Academy.  And I’m happy I did it! I met so many people who shared the same passion, and I learnt so much from each one of the tutors. Sundays became my favourite days.

Makeup look created by Academy of makeup graduate Dafne Martines

Your images are incredible on your social, do you have any tips or advice for new artists looking to improve there photography? 

Good lighting is the most important thing. I love taking pictures with natural light (sunset is always the best) but for my creative shoots I always use a Ring Light. I got mine on Amazon and it has completely changed my makeup game! Another thing, I always take like a hundred pictures before choosing one. Sometimes you spend so long on a makeup look but the pictures don’t show your effort! So be patient and take as many as you need!

Painterly makeup look created by Dafne Martines
If you could create any makeup product, what would you make and why? 

I’m obsessed with pigments, I always use them for my makeup looks. So I guess I would love to experiment and create different pigments with different finishes and textures. Oh and highlighter! The world is better with highlighter, haha, I would love to create the perfect one!

Cool colourful and and black and white makeup look by Dafne Martines
Who are your favourite Makeup artists? 
I have so many!!

Creative: @kimberleymargarita_  @divinamuse @lunafortun @pennold  @mamamcdonie @natalyazubok @julia_voron

Glam makeup: @tominamakeup @staceymariemua @lorin_sh_makeupartist @patrickta @nikki_makeup

Anything else you wish to add? 

Thank you for this interview. Your support means a lot to me! :)


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