Freelance Freedom in 2018

Posted on January 01 2018

 Working for yourself can, for some, be a very daunting option. But every business started with one person's idea and a leap of faith. Let's start the new year by looking at what becoming a freelancer could mean for you. 

Ask yourself how hard do you work for someone else? Imagine how hard you would work for your own business if all your energy and time was focused on building your business. Have faith in the power of focus and you never know what could be possible. 

Choose the hours that work best for you

Working Freelance is a lifestyle choice as well as a career choice. The hardest thing for people leaving a 9-to-5 job is that they feel guilty if they are not working the same 9-to-5 hours as before? The good thing is there’s no cap on how much you can earn, or how much you want to work. If you want to work seven days a week you can! If you want to work one day a week you can! You have the power to make as much or as little as you wish. 

It also means you can take holidays when you want. Being able to get away at times that suit your life and family is one of the big plus points to being a freelancer. Although, as a makeup artist your business times might Christmas nights out and weekends, so be sure to look after yourself and manage your calendar as best you can. 

Learn your own energy levels

When working as a freelancer it’s really helpful to be aware of your own personal energy levels. When are you most productive? When do you get the most done? For me, I am most productive first thing in the morning and last thing at night, so this is when i do the majority of my work. The middle of the day I use for creative planning, meeting with people, photoshoots, keeping myself inspired and networking. So take note of times when you are at your most productive and focused and work at those times to get the best results for your business and the most out of your day. 

You’re maybe thinking that clients aren’t going to want to get their makeup done at 6 am or last thing at night, but what we’re really talking about here is prep work.

So what’s a prep day? Being a successful makeup artist a lot of your seven-day week will be spent not doing makeup, but working on your business. This is so important as it keeps your business moving. Ask any business owner these days are so important and should be considered as part of your working week. 

Here are just some things I like to do on my prep days  

  • Social media planning, content creating and scheduling 
  • Mood board creating for future shoots 
  • Working on my website 
  • New ideas, looking at current trends in makeup staying ahead of the game
  • Accounts, budgeting 
  • Reaching out to new and past clients 
  • Meeting photographers to show them my portfolio 
  • Plan photoshoots, look at locations, talk to other team members
  • Researching new products on the market
  • Kit cleaning and sorting 
  • Keeping inspired, reading books on business and listening to podcasts and audiobooks 
  • Diary planning 

I could go on and on! x so lots to keep you busy. 

Work alone but never feel lonely

It can take a lot of adjustment going from working in a busy office and socialising at lunchtime to working on your own. It can be a strange feeling working from home and doing a prep day without speaking to anyone. I love going to the library, bringing my headphones and listening to podcasts whilst working away, or I mix things up by picking a new cafe to work in. This is a great way to get out the house and around people.

Freedom to say no

Yes, saying no is one of the most amazing feelings as a freelancer. I know that you want to make money and be successful, of course! But unlike working for someone else, if you really don’t like a client or get a bad vibe from a job you have the power to say NO! No one is going to give you into trouble for turning away business. Trusting your gut and being able to act on your instinct is a truly liberating feeling.

Mindset is everything

As I say in my Business of Makeup course mindset is everything. If you come from a family where no one has their own business and everyone has always worked for someone else. Your mind may be programmed from an early age to fear this career option! To see Freelance as scary and uncertain. You might be told you’ll never get a mortgage if you’re freelance (which isn't true) No holiday pay (well that's what savings are for.) By writing down a list of fears you can see that a lot of these fears are not yours but the fears of others or a fear of judgement from others. 

Becoming a freelancer, following your passion and building a successful business takes courage, self-belief, commitment. All of the things you show your employers already! So why not give those gifts to yourself instead.

Happy new year! 

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  • Brogan : January 02, 2018

    Love this post!! Feel motivated and more positive about the idea now I see it all broken down! Lovely read and very inspiring.
    B x

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