From Shanghai With Love Fashion Show by Stephanie McCall

Posted on September 14 2018

Models on stage at the From Shanghai With Love 18 Fashion Show

Stephanie recently took part in a fashion show aftercare experience led by our tutor Rae Mathieson. This is what she had to say about her experience:

I just graduated from the pro course at the academy in Glasgow in July 2018 so I was eagerly watching my emails daily to see what exciting aftercare opportunities would pop up.

Backstage at the From Shanghai With Love '18 Fashion Show

When I saw the email for the Confucius Show I squealed! I was at the lunch table in my full-time day job and it’s hard for other people to understand how much things like this mean to us creative types. It was mixed emotions excited and scared. The email said the tutor Rae Mathieson would be the lead artist and I felt instantly at ease. I knew how relaxed our day with Rae was on the pro course so emailed and hoped for the best.

A few days later I got my CONGRATULATIONS email and I was buzzing! My day job is so supportive of my new found passion and gave me the time off. Then the doubt started to creep in. I remembered backstage day during the course and I wondered if I would be fast enough applying the makeup at a real fashion show?

On the morning of the show, I got up 5am and took my time getting dressed and doing my makeup. I felt happy and anxious at the same time. I took the train to Edinburgh and arrived super-early to give me time to eat breakfast and de-stress. It didn’t quite work out that way as I couldn’t find the venue! When I arrived I was so worried that I would be late that my face was bright red but when I met all of the other artists and Rae the stress instantly melted away! All of the other girls were so friendly and welcoming and we set up the workspace together.

Backstage at the From Shanghai With Love Fashion Show

Rae had thought of everything. She brought a full lighting setup, a cute mirror for each of us to use and a brief of the required look. She also brought her extensive makeup kit and plenty of items for newbies like me who are still building their kit. Jason Hall hair team setup next door while Rae briefed us on the look. I was raring to go. Then the models arrived. All of them. At the same time. The room was instantly buzzing and makeup was go go go! We had a good amount of time and it meant we only had to complete around 3/4 models each. I chatted away to each girl as I applied makeup and found that a lot of them were new to modelling. It was nice to hear from some of the girls that I came across as though I’d been doing makeup for ages. It made me feel like a total Pro! It felt like no time at all and it was showtime.

Backstage at the From Shanghai With Love '18 Fashion Show

I went home that night smiling from ear to ear and my partner even told me it’s the happiest that he has seen me in years. I thought this is what I want to do every day! I wish there were fashion shows every day!! The second day of the show I was speeding through the looks and ended up doing five models' makeup in a shorter time! We got to sit near the front and really admire all the hard work that had gone into the show from the designers, models and the hair and makeup team.

Backstage at the From Shanghai With Love '18 Fashion Show

When the show was finished I was so sad that it was over so quickly but I was glad to have met the other artists, getting my application speed quicker, and to have gained such a wealth of experience from working on a range of skin types and tones! 

Backstage at the From Shanghai With Love '18 Fashion Show

Thanks so much to Rae and the academy for this opportunity I’m so happy to have been involved. When you see the adverts for the academy and it says “unbeatable aftercare” It really is.


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