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Posted on November 15 2018

Our Graduate Gabriele’s creative work is very inspiring and we love keeping up with all her work! Since completing our pro course she has recently started working for Marc Jacobs Beauty. This is what she had to say about her academy experience:

Orange and blue makeup inspired by Peacocks and Spiders by Gabriele Stone

What made you choose the Academy for your training?  

A friend of mine who works as a freelance makeup artist recommended it to me after I told her I want to pursue a career as a makeup artist and wasn’t sure where to start. She completed a three-year course at college but admitted that it dragged on and that it wasn’t necessary to study makeup for so long. I looked the academy up online and everything about it looked amazing. After some research, I met one of the tutors in person at the academy to discuss course options and the rest is history. In my opinion, if you have a passion for makeup and some talent, you should do a short course to get you started and then learn everything else on the job.

Graphic eye look with a blue lip by Gabriele Stone

What was your favourite day of the pro course and why? 

I loved all of them, but if I had to choose only one, it would probably have to be the Photoshoot day. There was such a good atmosphere at the academy, everyone felt more confident than on day one, and it was great to put everything we learned into practice and get our creative hats on. 

Cherry lips and poison kisses makeup look by Gabriele Stone

Did you always know what path you wanted to take following the completion of the course? 

Yes. I knew that after completing the course I wanted to start working on a beauty counter as a retail artist. At this point in time, I’m still not confident I have enough experience to make a living as a freelance makeup artist yet, so growing within a brand and developing my skills that way seems like a logical choice. I was very lucky to get a job as a retail artist at Marc Jacobs Beauty in Harvey Nichols a month after I completed the course. I had my first interview with them before I started the course, but the makeup trade test came afterwards. The timing for my practical interview could not have been better, as just coming out of the course made me trust my skills more and do better than I would have if I hadn’t completed this fantastic course.

Incredible Drag King Makeup look by Gabriele Stone

What do you love the most about the creative aspect of makeup?  

I love that working in the makeup industry no day is the same, so it’s never boring. You have to constantly learn and adapt, and find new ways to be creative. I have always loved drawing and painting, but there’s something special about having a living and breathing canvas. I love the interaction I have with the clients and models, and I love being inspired by someone’s features. It’s hard to beat the amazing feeling when both you and your client are excited by your work, it feels like a fun collaboration. Of course, things don’t always go right, but the great thing about makeup is that it washes off and you can start again!

Future Punk Makeup look in blues by Gabriele Stone

What advice would you give to anyone looking to take our pro course? 

I would say, go for it, it will probably change your life. It’s a great course and it actually prepares you for this career. You won’t just learn how to apply makeup, you’ll learn how to work and survive in the industry – you can’t learn things like that from a YouTube video. 

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Minimalist eyeliner look by Gabriele Stone


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