Jenn Mathieson

Posted on November 24 2018

Our hair tutor, Jenn Mathieson is an incredible session hair stylist and also a makeup artist. She has crammed so much into her 25 years of experience in the fashion, celebrity and bridal industry. We caught up with Jenn to ask her a few questions about her career so far.

Hi Jenn, can you give us a bit of insight into your hair styling journey? 

Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist Jenn Mathieson Working adjusting an elaborate headress

My Hairstyling Journey has been such a buzz. It all began 25 years ago working and training in salons. Since then I've had the opportunity to work on some amazing photoshoots and fashion shows including The Scottish Style Awards, Edinburgh School of Art degree shows and many more. I was the lead artist for hair and makeup on The Aspire to Attire Fashion Show and on a published beauty book Ma Secour where we had 20 models for hair and makeup in one kitchen over the period of 12 hours. With an amazing team, you can achieve anything! 

Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist Jenn Mathieson Working adjusting a brides veil

What have been the highlights of your career?

I've been so lucky to work with some incredible creatives over the years, resulting in having my hair work published in various magazines including Dark Beauty, Flawless Magazine, Elleménts, Amour Fou, Devour, Ion and Two Magazine. It's such a nice feeling to see your work in print.

Which celebrities have you worked with?

Another highlight of my job has been working with some talented people in the music industry and television. My favourites have to be the singer Jessie Ware. I was an absolute fan of her work. Trying to be professional and cool when working with someone you are in awe of was funny and such an amazing experience.

image of singer Jessie Ware performing on stage

Another favourite to work with was the lovely Scottish actress Sharon Rooney on a couple of occasions, once for an editorial interview for Bite magazine and then for her night at the Bafta Awards for herself and her lovely mum. A truly inspirational woman. Working with indie band The View was great fun. Olympian and Commonwealth Champion Swimmer Ross Murdoch was another fun and interesting job, poor guy had to stand in George Square on a freezing February morning in his swimming trunks to promote the Love Food Hate Waste zero-waste Food Campaign.

Olympian and Commonwealth Champion Swimmer Ross Murdoch holding up a floatation device and a sandwich

The Clothes Show Live down in Birmingham, Pussy Cat Doll Kimberly Wyatt. The girl who had been meant to be doing the live demos on stage had pulled out and before I knew it, Kimberly had me up on stage with my heart in my mouth, demonstrating and chatting about this wonderful brand. Standing up on stage in front of so many people was terrifying but fun. 

Who would you love to work on?

Dream couple I'd love to work on would be Justin Timberlake – which is no surprise to anyone who knows me – and his incredibly beautiful wife Jessica Biel. But in the same breath I love working with real people and making them feel the best they can, seeing the difference in clients confidence after a hair and makeup session really gives me job satisfaction. 

Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist Jenn Mathieson adjusting a brides hair

My bridal business is a real passion for me, I love the excitement of such a special day and feel very honoured to be part of this. A lot of my brides end up becoming clients for their regular hairstyling and makeup which is the best feedback for me. 

Any advice for hair stylists or top tips for someone interested in learning to work with hair?

There are so many different avenues you can take in the hair industry, including bridal, fashion/editorial, commercial, film, celebrity and salon based. These opportunities are in abundance in Glasgow and they have such an amazing and exciting future for people working in the industry. In the same breath, it's also the type of career that can see you travelling the world with endless opportunity.

My advice to anyone interested in the Hair industry as a career is to look for a reputable educator that inspires you. There are so many incredibly talented independent tutors out there with a wealth of knowledge and experience in their different fields.  Be as hands-on as possible, train with as many inspirational stylists as possible, and practice, practice, practice. Practice on friends, family and anyone who will let you. Never stop learning, I recently trained with celebrity stylist Kevin Fortune myself, you never stop learning. 

Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist Jenn Mathieson Working on a Bride

It's also a good idea to invest in a good practice head for the house as this means you will always have someone to practice on and get no backchat from them ;) With youtube and online tutorials in abundance there has never been so much support and quality training at your fingertips so take full advantage. Subscribe to the likes of Sharon Blain, Heather Chapman and Natalieanne Hair.

If editorial and fashion are where you are heading, assist local session stylists if possible. Also follow Eugene Solieman, Peter Gray, Jason Hall and Guido Palau at  Redken for more inspiration.

With social media now my inspiration list grows on a daily basis, it's a great idea to follow the big brands like Wella, GHD, Bumble and Bumble  


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