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Posted on September 21 2018

Stunning makeup look by TAOM graduate Kirsty Suttie

What made you want to become a makeup artist?

I wanted a job I didn’t dread going to and I enjoyed doing my friends' makeup. I never thought it was possible to do it as a job. I also wanted to find out how creative I could actually be!

What did you do before Makeup?

I was in a rut doing tourism and marketing management at university and working part-time in hospitality. I was so unhappy studying something I had no intentions of pursuing.

Beautiful makeup look by TAOM graduate Kirsty Suttie

If you could give anyone any advice when starting out as a freelancer what would you tell them?

Believe in yourself! Fake the confidence if you have to but tell yourself every day that you can do it. I still have this conversation with myself almost every single day!

What is is your favourite style of makeup?

My favourite style of makeup is anything with a glossy base! Glowing skin and blown out smoky eye is my ‘signature’ look and is my favourite to do! Skin is always in. Eye makeup trends come and go but I think beautiful skin is timeless.

Gorgeous makeup look by TAOM graduate Kirsty Suttie

Can you tell us little about your time at the academy and what you enjoyed most? What would you tell someone looking to book?

The academy is such a wonderful place to learn. I felt so supported and encouraged to try things I wouldn’t usually have thought to do. Even now I still love going back for seminars to see everyone. It really is like a big family! I would tell anyone thinking of booking to just jump right in with both feet and don’t look back!

Who are your favourite makeup artists at the moment? who inspires you

Nikki Makeup and Vivis makeup are my two favourite artists on Instagram right now. They are both incredible artists and their skin work is to die for. I would love to meet them!

Any top tips when working in bridal makeup?

Send the bride a time plan for the morning of the wedding and make sure you run to it. Leave plenty of time for people getting into dresses and extra faffing/tears/deliveries etc.

Have you had any strange makeup requests?

‘Can you glitter my tits?'

Great makeup look by TAOM graduate Kirsty Suttie

What's next in your plans for makeup domination?

I want to continue to grow my client base, get into teaching youngsters with an interest in makeup and I want to do Charli Howard's makeup one day.

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