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Posted on August 11 2018

Makeup by Madeleine Brown photographed by Furmaan Ahmed

Photo by Furmaan Ahmed

When did you decide that you wanted to become a makeup artist?

Makeup is something I have always been interested in, my fascination began when I was young and experimenting with my own image. I suffered bad acne in my teens and makeup helped immensely with my confidence. I have always loved the transformative powers of makeup. I am also a performance artist, and with makeup already playing such a huge part in this for me I decided to pursue makeup professionally.

What made you choose the Academy for your training?

I first became aware of TAOM when I was modelling for the GSA Fashion Show a few years back, for which they were doing the makeup for. I was impressed by the professionalism of the artists and also the kind of creative opportunities that were possible through the course. It seemed a good place to start!


What advice would you give to others looking to find the right place to train?

Do your research, there is a lot out there and it is important to find something which is the right fit for you. Courses are expensive so if funding is available to you it is well worth seeking out.

Upon graduating, what steps did you take to get yourself out there?

I was lucky enough to be already embedded in the art scene in Glasgow, which gave me a good mix of creative people to start working with. Instagram has been a huge asset for me in being able to share my work and get it seen instantly and is still how I get most of my jobs.

Makeup by Madeleine Brown from a video created with Natalie McGowan

What has been your career highlight so far?

There’s been a lot of highlights and it is difficult to single out one. Working with different creatives is incredibly inspiring and I am lucky to have been able to meet some incredible people. Last year I did makeup for artist Kapwani Kiwanga, for the now folded Interview Magazine, which I am so grateful to have been a small part of. Earlier this year I did the makeup for the magnificent Mykki Blanco as part of Take Me Somewhere performance festival.

Makeup by Madeleine Brown photographed by Tine Bek

Photo by Tine Bek
How would you describe your style?
I work in Editorial so my makeup style is vastly varied, however, I love drawing upon references from the past because fashion forever recycles. David Bowie has always been my icon, and I love the makeup from the New Romantic movement of the 1980s he spawned. I try not to invest heavily in current trends as these are fleeting and changing. I studied painting prior to makeup and my style is very painterly.

Makeup by Madeleine Brown photographed by Tine Bek
Photo by Tine Bek
Where do you find your inspiration and what gets those creative juices flowing? 
Keeping my eyes and mind open at all times to whatever images come my way. A lot of my inspiration doesn’t come exclusively from makeup – it can simply be a colour from nature or a texture on clothing I wish to replicate. Often I am inspired by food too. 


Makeup by Madeleine Brown photographed by Tine Bek

Photo by Tine Bek

What would be your ultimate goal?
My ultimate goal is to continue to work in the creative field and eventually move away from Scotland to push and challenge myself in a new environment. I’d also love to create my own makeup line!

Thanks, Madeleine!

You can check out Madeleine's recent editorial in Schön Magazine and her amazing creative work through the links below:

Image from Scön Magazine. Photography by Rydel Cerezo



Visual Artist//Makeup Artist

Instagram: @mvbmua


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