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Posted on September 07 2018

Makeup look by Stacey Leigh Spalding.  

Stacey Leigh Spalding is one of the Academy’s first ever graduates and now owns Falkirk's first Makeup Boutique and Permanent Brow Studio. This is what Stacey had to say about her journey:

Did you always want to become a make-up artist?

From my early teens I aspired to become a makeup artist. However, I was discouraged throughout senior school as this was not considered to be a “career”. I ended up studying art and fashion and returned to makeup in my early twenties.

Makeup look by Stacey Leigh Spalding. 

What made you choose the Academy for your training?

Together my mum and I (my fabulous business partner Jan) put a lot of effort into researching the best academy’s in the UK, and we kept coming back to Sara’s academy. Sara’s backstory - her breadth of experience in the industry, the comprehensive syllabus of the course, and equally importantly we found Sara really warm and personable. I then attended the second course the academy held in Glasgow! :)

Makeup look by Stacey Leigh Spalding. 

How would you describe your experience at the academy? 

I attended the two-week pro course. It was a full-on, intense course which was made hugely enjoyable by all of the artists who were training us. 
It also gave me the opportunity to play with many different brands of makeup - sadly Sara’s range wasn’t around at that time! 

 Makeup look by Stacey Leigh Spalding.

How did you decide which path to take your makeup artistry?

I decided that getting hands-on real experience was important, so I went on to work for MAC in Harvey Nichols for six months. 
That platform gave me the confidence to start my own business, and I then worked for BBC on various shows including Mrs Browns Boys. In the editorial world, I did shoots for Obscure Couture, Anna Freemantle, and collaborated with photographers.

What is your favourite style of makeup? 

Over the years I’ve tried to create my own signature style Incorporating a flawless skin, sultry feline eyes, and unique hair stroke brows. 

Sara’s teaching plus my permanent makeup skills stood me in good stead to achieve this.

What is your inspiration?

Instagram is such a great platform for artists. Some of my favourite artists are Namvo, Nikki_makeup, alcantaramakeup, and of course the fabulous Sara hill.

Makeup look by Stacey Leigh Spalding.

What is your proudest achievement in the industry and how did you achieve it?

I’d say taking a leap of faith to open up my own makeup and permanent makeup studio after five years of business, in one of my towns most prestigious buildings, The Falkirk Business Hub, which houses many other business entrepreneurs.  
Two years on, and it’s still a joy to come to work every day.


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