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Posted on July 28 2018

Bridal image by Fiona Higgins Photography

Bridal image by Fiona Higgins Photography

Many of our graduates who attend our courses come from different backgrounds. Many are full-time mothers and some just decided to take that career leap. An example of someone who decided to change her career and follow her passion for makeup is our graduate Fiona Park. Fiona has gone on to achieve great success in the industry and is proof that it is never too late to change your path and follow what makes you happy. We are so proud of all-out graduates success’.

This is what Fiona had to say about her experience at the academy and her career after graduating:

What made you decide to join this industry? 

Makeup has always been my thing! I first dragged my mum to the MAC counter at 14 to buy a concealer and was fascinated by how you could totally transform your face. I loved my winged eyeliner, mascara and bronzer! I’ve always been passionate about makeup, so while I was working in a job I didn’t enjoy I decided to pursue makeup alongside my day job. 

Photo by Aaron Bird Photography

Photo by Aaron Bird Photography

What made you choose the Academy for your training? 

I had started an evening art class to enjoy doing something creative and ended up sitting next to a woman who told me she was a makeup artist. I felt like it was fate! I’d already been looking at makeup courses but felt a bit unsure where would give me the best skills and experience. The academy was recommended by a working makeup artist who had trained there. A few weeks later I booked myself on the course. 


What did you most enjoy about the Academy? 

Doing the Pro Course at the academy was such a lovely experience. The tutors were fun, really supportive and taught you skills to not only apply makeup but build a business if you chose to take it further. The aftercare opportunities were great and helped build confidence in assisting and working in a makeup team. I love that they do masterclasses and seminars and really help their graduates get experience in the makeup world when they leave. I loved the getting published seminar with Sara.


What steps did you take after leaving the Academy to get yourself out there?

To get myself out there and get the ball rolling I’d already created a website and social media accounts to promote myself. I did this while doing the course. I knew it was important to not be nervous about putting myself out there, if I didn’t show people what I was doing I wouldn’t get any makeup work! I shared as much as I could on social media and organised a lot of test shoots to build my portfolio. One of my favourite things is doing test shoots. I love being creative, working with new people and I have really learned who I like to work with. Doing test shoots was what built my portfolio and helped me make connections with other creatives. It showed people what I could do and I’ve had a lot of bookings because of it.


What is your favourite style of makeup?

I still find it hard to decide what my favourite style of makeup is. I think I’m naturally drawn to the beauty side of makeup, like the Charlotte Tilbury and Rachel Goodwin style of makeup. I love seeing red carpet looks. It’s the style of makeup I’ve always loved doing on myself, too. At the same time, I find myself drawn to editorial makeup because I get to play and experiment with weird and wonderful looks that most people wouldn’t wear in real life. For me, there always needs to be an element of beauty in any work I do. 

Photo by Aaron Bird Photography

Photo by Aaron Bird Photography

What has been your proudest achievement in the industry? 

I think one of my proudest achievements is doing makeup for the band Simple Minds last year. At the time it felt great to get booked for a job like that and really made me feel that my hard work had paid off. Since then I’m super proud to have worked with the BBC and I keep trying to develop my skills in different aspects of makeup. 


What are some of your favourite campaigns/shoots have you been involved in?

One of my favourite shoots was working with the staff at IRN-BRU. It was a two-day shoot where they recreated music videos including Kiss and The Rolling Stones. It was such a fun (and busy!) day creating hilarious makeup looks for a lot of people. The whole creative team were great fun, too. Another favourite shoot was an editorial for Dreamingless magazine where we made the cover! 

Dreamingless no 38 cover. Photo by Maja Jankowska

Dreamingless no 38 cover. Photo by Maja Jankowska

See more of Fiona's amazing work on her website - Fiona Park Makeup Artist

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  • Frances Sinton: August 02, 2018

    Fiona has done my make up when I was a bridesmaid at a wedding and I was thrilled with the results. She really listens to what make up you feel comfortable with and is so friendly and warm. These pictures show how amazing her range of styles of make up are. I would totally recommend her.

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