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Posted on August 18 2018

Studio Jayne in Edinburgh

Whats the story behind the name?
Studio Jayne came about when we realised we shared the middle name ‘Jayne’. It has a pretty, feminine feel to it and that’s what we wanted to reflect in the studio itself. 

How did you ladies meet? 
We met through a mutual friend, another Makeup Artist, Caroline Stewart. We had worked together several times in the past, and as we started speaking more, we realised that we shared very similar working styles and visions of how we wanted to see our businesses move forward. The idea of Studio Jayne was born!

member of Studio Jayne team applying makeup

How’s business so far?
We both love working in the space and have introduced our own clients over the last month. We have just recently started taking bookings from outside of our own established client base and so far so good! We’ve had so much interest from local people and lovely, positive feedback on the interior of the studio. We hope to capitalise on this in the coming months. 

Interior of Studio Jayne

We have also had interest from other makeup artists and hair stylists looking for space to hold their bridal trials, which we very much welcome and there are two lovely makeup bureaus and hair stations just waiting for any artists looking for a base to make people up over the weekends. A launch event is planned when we are a little more established, which of course TAOM will be invited to! 

We love the interior, what was the inspiration?
We really wanted to create a fresh, relaxed and welcoming interior. The Academy of Makeup space in Aberdeen was on our mood board, and we visited several other spaces we admired. We were keen to upcycle and use antique pieces where possible and avoid anything that was too glitzy. The studio has a beautiful cornice and a ceiling rose with a chandelier so it felt right to use that as the starting point when Styling. Laura suggested using the writing bureaus as Makeup stations after coming across something similar while working at a wedding at Archerfield. We wanted to keep the exterior classic, simple and with a nod to ‘old Edinburgh’ styling. 

Interior of Studio Jayne in Edinburgh

How did you find your premises and location? Were there any challenges?
We actually only looked at two! One of the challenges was that, although we have both had separate businesses for several years, Studio Jayne was new. The type of property we were looking for gets snapped up quite quickly and it can be a complex process requiring solicitors and being able to provide up to 3 years of trading history. Natalie came upon Montagu Terrace by chance, and we were lucky to be able to deal directly with the owner. When we went for our first visit, we were sold. It was exactly what we were looking for; it had parking nearby for clients and the Goldenacre area was ideal for our vision. We both love doing photo shoots outwith the studio and hope that by having an established space and name, it will help us to be recognised by commercial brands looking for makeup and hairstyling. Last year Laura worked on adverts for Tennent's Lager and S1 Jobs and so far this year Natalie has done a commercial for a Japanese robotics company, a styled shoot for a New York based wedding planner and an underwater bridal shoot. We hope that by having a studio it will help raise our profile a little.

Any advice for those looking to start their own studio?
Be prepared for a lot of hard work. And whatever your budget is… add a bit more! Make sure you have a business plan and a clear vision of what you are looking to create. We both understand that a lot of love, care and attention will be needed to get us to where we would like to be. 

A member of the Studio Jayne team applying makeup

We love the “we can create any look, inclusive, all-age, all-styles approach.” Was this something you felt was lacking in other studios?
We wanted to avoid a makeup studio that was intimidating. Our hope is that, regardless of clients’ style, age or requirements, they will feel comfortable coming to Studio Jayne and know that we can create a look that reflects them as individuals. Part of the Studio Jayne plan was to give us a space to practice together and develop our skills as far as we can. Both of us have very flexible styles ourselves and think that makes the studio more approachable to all. We can vary our looks from full ‘Instaglam’ to softer styles accommodating whatever is requested of us. 

You offer beauty services too, how did you pick which ones to train in and offer?
Laura is a trained Beauty Therapist and is trained in additional services like HD Brows, Advanced Skin Peels and various nail services, so we’ve been lucky with that. Along with our experience of bridal, and Laura’s involvement with her parent’s hair and beauty business we have been able to select treatments we feel will be of benefit to our bridal clients, as well as to those who live locally. We are both super passionate about skin care and are really excited to be able to offer a skin clinic and specialist in-salon and at home treatments. We also have a beauty therapist, Jenna, on board with us in a self-employed capacity and will be looking for nail technicians, hair extension specialists etc. to compliment our team.

If any graduates are interested in working in or renting space, we would love to hear from them!

Many thanks
Laura and Natalie 

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