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Posted on July 25 2018

You wake up, get dressed and head to your own beautiful Makeup Studio. When you arrive, waiting at the door, is a beautifully wrapped PR package addressed to you from your favourite cosmetics brand. It’s filled with all the latest products you can't wait to try! You take the products and place them in your massive walk-in makeup wardrobe, which is already filled to the brim with every product you have ever dreamt off. There’s always room for one more highlighter, right? 

Your personal assistant has everything set up for you, your favourite brush collection cleaned and ready to go, she brings you coffee and fills you in on your appointments and the day ahead. A few high profile clients in the morning, a beauty editor wants to interview you in the afternoon and then off to a music awards ceremony in the evening with a few celebrity friends. 

Life is sweet! You’re earning so much money, you travel the world first class, you are a top makeup artist, you have a huge following on Instagram and both a London and New York agent. 

AAAHHHH lovely! Sounds great, right? Especially all the free products!

This may or may not be exactly your dream or lifestyle, but for those starting out in Makeup, it could be. 

As a big believer in goal setting and visualisation, I think having dreams like this is really important and, in my opinion, the bigger the better! 

On my Business of makeup course, it always surprises me when I ask a student "what is your big dream? If I had a magic wand what's your ultimate career goal?” and they reply, “well I'd like to do a few weddings. Eventually, leave my job in the office.” Or they'll say, “I just want to do makeup, I like glam makeup, maybe id like to work in a studio?” And I answer, “if you could have ‘anything’ that's what you'd want? It is as if they are afraid to say anything that is outside of, what they think is, their reality? As if it’s too scary or they’re worried to say what they really want in case they don't reach it or for fear that they’ll be judged. 

Taking the time to think about what you want without any limits does two things; it raises your energy levels, gets you excited and when you feel this, its like a switch goes on in the magic-making part of your brain, you become more positive, happier and it allows you to see opportunities and be open to good things coming your way! 

Do you want proof that it can work? Here are two occasions my day-dreaming, and limitless visualisations came true for me.

My mum asked me to clear out under my bed at home as I had left a few boxes there id forgotten about. In a small box was a notepad, on the notepad was many many sketches of makeup products lipsticks, eyeshadows mascaras all with my name written on them, page after page. I had drawn all of these drawings when I was 13 and forgotten all about it. Fast-forward 20 years and I have my own brand. it was a pretty special moment to find it.

Another example is when I was 18. I was sitting with my friend one night having a few drinks or two or ten and there was nothing good on TV. We decided to turn on QVC and we got totally hooked. So much so that we ended up watching it all night. I stood up and was pretending to be on the show just for a laugh and proclaimed to my friend, "ONE day I will be on QVC!!" Ten years later I was on QVC for a well-known makeup brand in London and Italy!! 

Visualise anything and everything you want. It’s fine to chop and change those dreams as often as you like. Make positive steps toward those dreams, even if they’re small. But here’s the key, don't get hung up on how you are going to get there. Those big dreams might not come true exactly how you imagine, however, your happy mindset will allow you to keep going when times get tough. 

Happy daydreaming x 

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  • Innes: July 28, 2018

    Love this…I think its true we are so afraid to say our big dreams out loud. Maybe a Scottish trait from our calvanistic past. This demonstrates that we should never be afraid to harness our goals and think BIG

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