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Posted on November 25 2018

The Scottish Wedding Show is always a highlight for our graduates on their aftercare program. The exciting atmosphere backstage, the great runway show, the brilliant models, and the beautiful dresses and tiaras. Such a fun day.

Graduates Heather and Stephanie told us about their experience backstage. 


When I received the email from the Academy of Makeup giving the opportunity to work at the Scottish Wedding Show (i.e. THE wedding show of the year!), I jumped at the chance to apply! Since graduating in June, I have assisted at a few weddings and I have realised that bridal makeup is definitely the direction I’d like to go in. Needless to say, I was over the moon when I heard that my application to work at this event was successful! 

A model having her makeup applied backstage at the Scottish Wedding Show

I arrived, excited and nervous, but once I met the lovely team of graduates I was working with for the day, the nerves disappeared and I couldn’t wait to get going! My nerves were further helped by the lead artist for the day being the lovely Kat McSwein (I always love her classes at the Academy!) On the day, she was brilliant, supportive and provided us with great advice. It’s not every day that you can say that you get to work alongside an industry expert!

bridal model on runway holding dress up

Once we had set up our stations backstage at the SEC, Kat provided us with a demo of the look we would be applying to the models for the day. The look was natural, glowy and romantic, complete with glowing champagne eyes and a pop of pink on the cheeks. This was right up my street!

model backstage at The Scottish Wedding Show

After the demo came the moment of truth…working with the models. They were so lovely. It didn’t feel like work as it was so much fun! Above all though, I was really happy with the looks that I achieved.

The time flew in and before we knew it, it was time for the first show. There were three shows in total and we all had the chance to go backstage to provide touch-ups, as well as providing touch-ups between the shows. Going backstage was an experience in itself! The dresses were absolutely beautiful and it’s amazing to see how fast paced it is, with models absolutely EVERYWHERE jumping from outfit to outfit in the space of no time at all!

two models in wedding dresses. One is taking a photo of the other

My favourite part of the day, however, was getting the opportunity to see the show itself and essentially seeing my work onstage! It’s such a rewarding experience. There’s no feeling like it!  

I feel so honoured to have been a part of such a great team and to get the opportunity to work at the Scottish Wedding Show. This experience has really helped my confidence and I want to thank Kat and the Academy for picking me!  Thanks a million!! xxx


 - Heather Dowdalls

model in bridal gown at The Scottish Wedding Show


Since graduating from the pro Course in July 2018 I’ve had so many amazing opportunities. I’d never really seen myself as a person who enjoyed fashion but after the first time joining a backstage makeup team with the aftercare program I was hooked!

model having her makeup applied backstage at The Scottish Wedding Show

I was unsure what to expect this time as I have never been to a wedding show before so I was a little nervous. When I arrived I was relieved to see a few faces of other artists I’ve met through aftercare and even two of the girls from my own course. We set up our kits in the dressing rooms and it wasn’t long before all of the beautiful models arrived for makeup. The makeup demo from lead artists Kat and assistant-lead Gosia were both beautiful bridal looks with glowing skin. We had enough artists so that each of us only had to cover 2 models each so we had plenty of time to perfect our bridal looks. After that, we took it in turns to do touch-ups backstage. It was very fast paced as each model had nine or ten changes!! It really was a lot of fun! We also go a sneak peek of the show from the audience side and it was stunning! It was amazing to meet all of the other teams involved in putting a show like this together and spending time with other artists that have the same interests as you really does make it feel like a wee family. 

the Academy of Makeup Team Backstage at The Scottish Wedding Show

Thanks again TAOM ♥️

- Stephanie McCall 


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