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Posted on January 28 2019

We asked Academy Tutor Stacey Stewart some questions about her favourite makeup brands and products. This is what she had to say: 

What is your favourite type of makeup look to create and why?

I like creating characters and then creating the makeup look from there. From the weird and wonderful to clean, timeless beauty. I don't necessarily like to think about recreating a specific type of look or trend because that feels a little restricting.

A colourful rosy eye look with a graphic white star detail


What are your top 3 favourite makeup brands? 

Nars is up there but I can't narrow down my other top 2, too many greats! 

What are the go-to skincare products in your kit? 

A balm facial cleanser, a hydration mask and a lip scrub/balm.

A glossy natural makeup look

What are your must-have makeup products in your kit?

Liquid blush + the Multiples from Nars, a liquid/gel highlighter from Bobbi Brown that they no longer make - heartbroken. Mac extra dimension blush + mixing mediums 

A smokey eye makeup look

What is your favourite brand for makeup brushes? 

Nars and My Kit Co, for kit accessories too!

What other essential items do you carry in your kit?

Lash curlers and a bag of random bits that you never know if someone will need - straws, eye drops,  floss, mints, tampons, plasters, tape...you never know! 

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