One-to-One Training

TAOM offers students the option to take individual courses alone in order to expand a particular area of expertise. Courses can also be taken by individuals in related fields who are seeking professional enhancement in both makeup or hair styling. This type of training is tailor made to meet your needs - you let us know what you want to learn and we will recommend an appropriate time scale for your training.

We are committed to helping students select the training that will best help them reach their goals. For this reason, prior to booking in for one-to-one training, it is necessary that students consult with the Academy team in order to be sure that they have completed all required pre-requisites or have obtained the appropriate equivalent experience. Our one-to-one masterclasses are open to all ages. 

Examples of skills you can book in to learn or perfect: Smokey Eyes, Perfecting Your Base, Asian Bridal, Black Skin Makeup, Mature Skin Makeup. 
Interested in perfecting the application of makeup on yourself? One-to-One Training would be ideal for you!

Certificates are awarded to students who successfully complete an individual course. Please be advised that individual courses taken on a stand-alone basis are not accredited by BABTAC.   

Price on application. You will be required to bring your own brushes and a model to practice on. We can arrange a model for you if you cannot do so at an additional small cost. We also have a fantastic 29-piece brush set available for purchase.

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